10 Things We Miss About Summer

As September draws in, so too does that bitter realization that summer has once again gone for another year. Whilst I do enjoy the fall, the changing colors, the crisp nights and the opportunity to get my favorite coat out of the closet, I can’t lose that little bit of sadness in my heart that I feel when I think of all of things that I will miss about summer. In an effort to help me feel better I wanted to write down all of those wonderful parts of summer that I’ll miss most and here are my top 10.

The Climate

The number one thing that I’ll miss about summer, those warm hazy days, it feel like things are more possible when the sun is shining, the World just looks like a better place when you wake up to that warmth and those cool yet still balmy nights are just the best. I think I’ll be looking for a Dominican Republic Resort or something similar this winter to keep the gloom at bay.

The Clothes

I simply love summer fashion, the heat means that you can dress down, show off some skin and feel total freedom. Not only that but flowery dresses, cute shorts and wavy clothes can only really be worn in the summer months and there always a tinge of sadness when I need to put them back in the closet for another year.

The Barbecues

When you don’t live in a country that has a temporal climate the whole year round, you really appreciate a barbecue in the summer months. The smell alone is enough to get me going and there is a domino like effect in neighborhoods everywhere, once one person smells a neighbors burgers sizzling away, it is difficult to resist lighting your barbecue up for the family.

The Sporting Action

As I sports fan I love the summer months, not only do most of the big sporting events take place in the summer but it is also the best time to get outside and play some yourself. I’m not an ice hockey or figure skating fan so these are the months that I cherish most.

The Freedom

There is something about summer that just spells freedom, the freedom to go wherever you like without the danger of rain or coldness, the roadtrips, the camping and all other activities that the summer allows us to do.

The Music

Maybe it’s just me but it seems that the best music comes out in the summer, singles filled with light summer grooves and catchy tunes fill the airwaves and I seem to always have a summer song. I can’t ever remember hearing a song and thinking ‘this was the winter when I…’ it’s all about the summer.

The Daylight

Those additional daylight hours make the days seem longer and give you more energy to pack even more fun into your day. Even when I’m working, finishing my day-job when the sun is still out means that I still want to make plans on the evening, when I finish work in the Winter I just want to get home and relax on the couch.

The Colorful Landscape

I love the colors that summer brings, the flowers, the plants, the sprawling green fields and the range of colors that people use with their clothes. Summer is the time when everything comes to life, the flora the fauna and the people, I love it, and I miss it dearly when it’s gone.

The Vacation Stories

I love to hear all of the vacation stories from my friends, the sea, the beach, the hotel, the people that they met and the experiences that they had. Sure, people do go on vacation over the rest of the year but for the most part it is in the summer and I miss those stories once the Fall arrives.

The Smell

Call me crazy, but there is a certain smell in the summer that simply isn’t replicated with any other season, maybe it’s the freshly cut lawns, the barbecues, the flowers or the tarmac of the road sizzling in the summer sun, perhaps a mix of all of them, whatever it is, I just adore it and can’t wait for next year to come around so that I can smell it again.