4 Unique Vacations

Are you looking for something unique for your next holiday? Try one of the following ideas to ensure an unforgettable trip.

Retro RV Road Trip

There is nothing quite as American as a road trip and no better way to do it than in a recreational vehicle, where you sleep in your own bed. Posh new RV resorts offer amenities you’d expect to find at five-star hotels. Look into travel trailer renovation and hit the road in retro glory; you will catch the eye of everyone on the road with a classic exterior but enjoy updated comfort and amenities inside.


Cycling Tour

If you want to really experience a place, slow down. When you cycle through a town, you have the chance to look at people in the eye and say hello. Outside of city limits, slow travel lets you truly savor the scenery. Many regions feature bike tours. In Europe, pedal next to Norwegian fjords or through the legendary Alps. South of the Equator, Argentina and Chile boast challenging mountain passes and gorgeous landscapes.

Walking Route

Backcountry hikers have long sung the praises of iconic American routes such as the  Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide. If you prefer an active but slightly less arduous vacation — and a shorter one — take a walk across Luxembourg. It requires no camping; each of the trek’s nine days ends in a town offering food and lodging. Or complete a pilgrimage such as the Camino de Santiago or Via Francigena. Pilgrims on the Kumano Kodo in Japan travel to Buddhist shrines in the Kii Peninsula.

Train Voyage

Choose a short 36-mile getaway on the Napa Valley Wine Train or traverse an entire continent on the Australian Ghan. Drink in scenery and history on the Trans-Siberian Railway or the iconic Orient Express. Discover the Blue Train in South Africa, whose luxurious suites and fine restaurants have earned it the nickname “palace on wheels.” For a truly unique experience, combine your Blue Train excursion with a safari at Kruger National Park; you will treasure the memories forever.