Have you discovered Barcelona in a proper and fun way? If you only have walked around or used the typical transport, the answer is no. Maybe you have seen everything that you need to see and visited all the hotspots, but you can experience all of this riding a fantastic Vespa around the city. Don’t you have a Vespa? Don’t worry, you have Vesping.

Vesping shares with you the secrets of Barcelona making the process of getting around from one place to another an unforgettable experience. The special thing about this experience is that while you are driving you can observe the charms and culture of the city. Vesping wants to make sure that your time in Barcelona is a unique touristic experience, so it offers choices for all tastes. On the one hand, you can find an alternative sightseeing tour of Barcelona where during 4 hours and with a local guide you can visit the most important places of the city and some hidden spots unknown even for the locals. If you take this option, after the tour you can keep the Vespa for a 20% discount on the GPS rental fee. The GPS Tour is another option offered by Vesping: the Vespa includes a simple GPS Satellite Navigator that allows you to plan your own self guided tour without getting lost.

On the other hand, if you travel as a group, you can choose the Private Tour. This tour is an option to customize your itinerary with the company of a guide that will adapt the route according the desires of the group always creating an interesting and safe itinerary. Because of the heavy traffic of the city, a Safety Vespa always closes the queue of scooters. You can enjoy the city without taking any risk! So it does not matter if you travel alone, with a partner or accompanied by a group of people, Vesping always has the best choice for you.

And because we know what we recommend, Vesping is the second activity in the Trip Advisor Ranking of Activities in Barcelona. And another amazing point about Vesping: a Van rental service is available, too. In their web page they also have a blog that gives information about all the concerts, expositions, hotspots, gardens, museums, restaurants and a large etcetera of the Condal City. Need any other reason to take a chance on Vesping if you travel to Barcelona?