Why America is the Perfect Destination for Solo Travellers

There is something incredibly freeing about travelling solo. It’s more than the sense of not being tied to anyone else’s whims: it’s making the decision to go out into the big bad world alone and realising that you’re fully capable of taking care of yourself. You don’t need to rely on anyone else, and it’s a truly liberating realisation.

But there are some places that are definitely better for solo travellers than others. Here are just a few of the reasons why America is one of them…

#1: It’s Friendly

Just because you’re travelling alone, it doesn’t mean that you’re unfriendly or prefer to be left to your own devices. Humans are innately social creatures, and we all like a kind word and some good conversation from time-to-time. In America, you’ll find plenty of it. Warm, welcoming, and ebullient, U.S. natives love nothing more than striking up an exchange and speaking to someone new. 

#2: There’s So Much to See

America is huge, and that means there is plenty to see. From the enchanting beauty of New Orleans at night to the soaring immensity of the Grand Canyon, there are a thousand destinations that you could add to your itinerary, and when you only have your own desires to take into account, it gives you plenty of time to squeeze them all in. Strike off on your own, be utterly selfish about your choices, and enjoy every second of it.

#3: It Has Singles Holidays

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to travel alone, and one of them is simply that none of your friends, family, or acquaintances share your dream of exploring America, or else that they lack the funds to join you. If you want to make the trip regardless, then the good old US of A has plenty of singles holidays available for you to join. This means you can meet with like-minded people from around the world and enjoy the experience together, making new friends, and creating memories to last you a lifetime.

#4: They Speak Your Language

Although there are plenty of people who have travelled the world alone, those who are doing it for the first time may be best to ease themselves into it, which makes choosing a destination where they speak the same language as you a really good idea. If you don’t want to risk getting lost in the wilderness and being entirely unable to ask for directions, then what better choice than America for your solo debut?

If you’re dreaming of seeing the USA but wondering whether you’re brave enough to go it alone, take it from us that you are. Take the plunge and book your trip today.