How a Tight Budget Can Work into Your Wedding Plans

Planning your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life. However, for most brides and grooms, wedding planning is stressful and loaded with budgets, what-if scenarios, and heaps of unnecessary drama. Money is the biggest concern for people planning a wedding—but there are ways a tight budget can work in favor of your wedding plans.

Start a DIY Wedding Folder or Pinterest Page

Pinterest, and other DIY websites, are great places to inspire creative ideas that blend your budget and the wedding of your dreams. Start a folder, both online and offline, that encompasses what you dream you wedding to be. Then find compromises for the expensive things, like DIY appetizers in place of catered meals. Or, enlist friends and loved ones to help piece together silk flower bouquets in place of expensive floral arrangements.

Wedding Plans on Tight Budget

Be Picky with Your Guests List

The most expensive element of a wedding is accommodating everyone you want to be there. So, trim your guests list to close family and loved ones. Don’t feel obligated to invite those estranged relatives that you see once a year, or those friends that you only talk to on social media through occasional tags and memes. Be picky with your invitations.

Look into Local Venues that are Beautiful but Super-Affordable, or Free Entirely

Local venues, like public parks and farms, are often both beautiful and super-affordable, especially if they aren’t typically used for weddings. Look into somewhere like this. Or, have a backyard shindig where you DIY the décor, plan a barbecue, and get hitched. It’s the totally free venue option.

Get Wedding Clothes that You Can Wear More Than Once

While the classic white gown and black tux are traditions, those are clothes that you shell out big monies to wear once. Be practical. Pick a dress that you love and will wear again. And, for the groom, opt for khakis, a nice shirt, and a great pair of comfy shoes that can be worn over and over. There’s no sense in spending money you don’t have on something you will only keep around for the day of your nuptials.

It’s 100-percent possible to plan and follow through with the wedding of your dreams, even when you’re operating on a tight budget. Just remember to ask your loved ones for help with décor, be practical in your decisions, and strive to enjoy your special day. Or, you could take your wedding budget and elope to quiet beaches in North Carolina with your sweetheart.