Tips for Hosting Your RV Club Outing

Joining an RV club is a great way to meet fellow RV enthusiasts and have adventures with friends. And what better way to show off your new rig from Al’s Trailer fifth wheels than at your RV club’s monthly outing? When it’s your turn to host your club’s outing, the following tips will help ensure things go off without a hitch.


  • Choose your location wisely. Some clubs have a list of locations set for each outing while others may allow you to choose. In either case if it’s your first time hosting an outing, consider choosing a location you’re already familiar with. That way you won’t be trying to figure out the lay of the land while also trying to set everything up. Even better, if there’s an option to choose a location close to home, do it. It’ll make running to the store – or even home – for forgotten items a lot faster and easier.
  • Be familiar with you club’s guidelines. Every club has its own bylaws and guidelines for outings. Make sure to get a copy from your club’s president and familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid any inadvertent violations.
  • Consider your own comfort level. Hosting an outing usually involves preparing dinner for at least one night as well as providing breakfast each morning. When deciding what to prepare, think about what you’re comfortable making. Do you enjoy preparing complicated dishes or are you more of a heat and serve cook? While dinners are usually pot luck, you will have to cook enough of an entree to feed everyone on the outing so it’s a good idea to prepare something easy and hearty.
  • Consider club members’ needs and preferences. Do one or more of your club members have particular allergies or dietary restrictions? Will your group expect wine in the evenings or is the group mostly teetotalers? Providing what your fellow club members need and expect will go a long way toward making your outing more enjoyable.
  • Don’t go it alone. Simply setting up and taking down a rig is a big job for one person but hosting an outing is even more labor intensive. When it’s your turn to host, enlist the help of a spouse, significant other, friend or family member. The extra pair of hands will make hosting a lot easier.


Above all, enjoy! Hosting your outing is a great opportunity to entertain and bond with your fellow club members.